Our Services

We are able to provide a short-term or a long-term outsourcing service, which correspond to company’s requirements. All the paperworks, such as Human Resources & Staffing, Business Services, Payroll & Taxes, Social Security, and Insurance will be handled by our professionals.

Java Commsnetworks provides World Class Contract and Permanent Recruitment, is placing High Caliber Communication and Technology (ICT) professionals.

Managed Service
Contractor Management
  • Providing Solution on Local and Expatriate Contractors in Telecomunication areas.
  • Immigration Compliance for Expats.
  • Entry options ( KITAS ) : single/Multi-entry, valid from 3 months to 1 year ( sponsored with little or no client assistance )
  • Travel Permit application
  • Business Visa sponsorship
  • Application & follow up with immigration authorities
  • Immigration Clearance
  • Supported by in-country experts

Payroll/Tax Management
  • Local payment
  • Social security administration
  • Monthly statements/ payslips
  • Tax Planning compliance with local rules
  • Tax reporting & payments in accordance with specific jurisdiction
  • Issuance of monthly tax receipts
  • Annual Tax Returns, with Surat Bukti Potong Pajak
  • Tax Clearance ( on leaving country )


In line with the ever-increasing availability of data and connectivity (Industrial Internet of Things), it should come as no surprise that the solution to this problem is talent analytics.

In Java Commsnetworks we already possess two innovative techniques capable of proactive and routine management of talent data. This allows for improved business decision-making for workforce planning, sourcing, performance, and risk management to sustainable operations.

By recruit and engage the talent into formal & necessary tranings before deploying to work. Key Performance Indicators are in place so as to measure and achieve targets whilst delivering high end solutions.